Unlike regular Clinics, we at Chaitanya Homeopathic Clinic, host various short seminars and activities. The activities are intended for all age groups and professions and mainly aims at restoring a healthy way of living and healthy mind.

Apart from “Meditative Monday” sessions, We have divided rest of our activities broadly into 2 types :
Lecture Based Sessions and Interactive Sessions.

Peace comes from within, do not seek it without.
Monday is the busiest day, why not take some time to slow down, to meditate and have a happy week ahead! (half an hour of guided meditation)

Marathi Lecture Series on how right eating habits help us to remain healthy.

1. Importance of Liquids in our diet.
2. Significance of right amount of salt in our diet.
3. Vegetables and Fruits – Eat them Fresh
4. Sweets can be healthy!
5. Ghee or Vegetable Oil ?

To survive in today’s hectic world get yourself equipped with practical tips and tricks for a stress free living. Get yourself empowered not only to fight the stress around you but also to help your close ones informally to stay stress free.

1. Time Management
2. Anxiety Management
3. Depression Management
4. Concentration Improvement
5. “From Me to We” : A workshop on self-improvement.

This session is normally hosted every Tuesday. It is a platform for Homeopathic doctors to interact with each other, share their experiences, ideas, success stories consistently to grow together. Register today to join us on Tuesday.
A spontaneous creative session for Women by Women, hosted every Wednesday. Exclusively designed for you – the wonder woman who takes care of the entire family. Is also aware of benefits of good health, maintained by regular exercise, balanced diet and above all practicing yourself before you preach.
A day dedicated to good readers, writers & Bloggers to join together and exchange ideas and thoughts.

1. Book reading/review – Spiritual, Philosophical, Motivational, Inspirational etc.
2. Inspiring Audio Clips/E-Books
3. Motivational Videos.

For you and your little ones to grow and learn together unplugged!

1. Essay Competition
2. Story Time
3. Vedic Chanting
4. Contests and Competitions.

“Yoga is not a one day event. It is an activity for daily practice.”
Yoga-lovers meet up on 21st June every year. Since IDY 2016 – International day of Yoga, we meet regularly every month !.