Dr. Deepa Patil - A Sincere, Passionate & Hard Working Doctor

At-RKM-opd1Dr. Deepa Patil is ‘one-of-its-kind’ person and a Doctor. A Merit holder in school, a University topper in Homeopathy, and a successful & well known doctor. She is very ambitious, much focused and very determined.

She keeps herself highly updated with everything around in spite her hectic schedule as a doctor and a mother. Her zealous self makes her an outstanding person who is always willing to learn more & give more to the society

As a doctor, she is always ready to listen and help her patients. In her continuous efforts to educate and help various sectors of the society on topics like Healthy/Stress-free living, she has conducted various informative seminars like “Stress Management”, “Holistic Healing”, “ABC of First Aid”, “Importance of Outdoor Games” & “Niramay Jeevana Saathi” etc.

Dr. Deepa Patil, strives relentlessly to achieve her aim:

  • Apply the gentle art of healing for the treatment of both acute and chronic cases
  • Spread general awareness about health care “Trio of Health” – physical, mental and spiritual health, thus contribute towards ‘healthy India’.

At Chaitanya Clinic

Unlike regular Clinics, Dr. Deepa Patil hosts various short seminars, to throw light on the “Trio Of Health”
-‘Physical health’ through appropriate diet, adequate exercise, brisk walks etc.
-‘Mental health’ with yoga, pranayama, optimism and
-‘Spiritual health’ with meditation and attending annual spiritual camps etc.

At Ramakrishna Math

Dr. Deepa Patil is an Honorary Homeopathic Consultant at Ramkrishna Math Pune.
She visits Ramkrishna Math weekly to take up her clinical duties.

At Various Govt. and Corporate offices

Dr. Deepa Patil has conducted various seminars for employees working at Govt. as well as Private (Corporate) offices. She has conducted seminars on important topics like : Stress Management, General Health Awareness, Women’s Health, Swine Flu etc. which are not only important from knowledge perspective, but can also help employees make self aware towards their health, which in turn helps them to perform better and contribute more towards their company’s productivity.

At Educational Institutes

At O’reilly Ignite (Speaker)

Volunteer Experience & Causes